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Insurance for your property anywhere you work.  So if you work out of co-working spaces, are always on the road or in the air.  This is the cover for your #entrepreneurlife.

This insurance provides repair or replacement for accidental loss or damage to business equipment not normally kept at a specific location, such as portable computers or tools.  General Property Insurance is primarily designed to cover the items you take with you on the job, especially tools and handheld electronic devices.  So it covers theft, loss and even damage, the policies are fairly broad and we ensure that the claims process is easy as we understand the importance of items such as laptops and smartphones in keeping your operations going.  Some policies will also cover your property worldwide, which is handy when you are at conferences and meetings.

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Office Address : Unit 8B, 475 Blackburn Road, Mount Waverley Victoria 3149

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1800 335 744

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