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A catch all product developed in the early days of the tech industry.  Simply put, these are combined PI and Public and Products Liability policies.

IT Liability Insurance is a combined Professional Indemnity and Public & Products Liability policy specifically targeted at the Technology and Communication industry.  With a combined policy you remove any concerns of gaps in coverage and the policies are specifically written covering the sector with more specific terminology and coverage clauses.  Insurers provide varying levels of coverage, therefore it is important that you have a trusted advisor giving you the best advise and recommending the most suitable policy.  


Delphic Insurance Services has considerable experience in placing insurance for a variety of sectors, from pure IT, to clean energy, to software development and disruptive startups; and has been able to extend coverage for intellectual property rights, product recall, and privacy coverage for its clients when they were told that coverage was not available.  We can also assist with contractual reviews and assist with your internal insurance requirements with contract staff.



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