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As specialists, we work closely with and understand the needs of the industries we advise.  From an initial idea, to a garage, to an office, to being listed, we will be with you along the way.

We are able to assist other industries, however if we feel we are not able to provide you with the same level of service and advice our clients enjoy, we will put you in touch with other advisors whom we trust.


The worlds of science and technology are ever evolving and traditional advisors struggle to keep up.  We work with startups and established hi-tech companies to provide solutions that free you up to innovate, build and disrupt.


The digital age has permanently changed how we are informed, make purchases, and consume entertainment.  It has created a medium with a global reach, countless opportunities and yields unforeseen risks.  Lucky we know how to help.


Expectations on professionals today are higher than ever, not only from clients, but from the government and regulators which has increased the compliance burden and also increased risks considerably.  Buying an insurance policy is not enough anymore.


The third sector has seen a significant rise in the expectations regarding corporate governance, volunteer welfare and increased scrutiny regarding activities.  Insurance for these is far from straight forward and we love helping!


Traditionally the term 'hard to place insurance' was something that ultra high hazard industries dealt with, now even medium risk industries are struggling.  Your advisor needs to have the skill to mitigate your risk, lucky we are here.


Delphic Private Client is your complete insurance solution, making it simple to insure everything you own and care about with the best policies available.  We aim to make the process as smooth as possible saving you time and unecessary stress.

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Office Address : Unit 8B, 475 Blackburn Road, Mount Waverley Victoria 3149

by appointment only

1800 335 744

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