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Polluted Water


Protects you against costs resulting from environmental damage you may be responsible for.  Include clean up costs and costs incurred by third parties.

Environmental Liability Insurance is designed to protect anyone producing, processing, transporting, storing or otherwise handling potential contaminants.  Pollutants aren’t just toxic substances, but can be anything that is not supposed to be in a specific area. Contaminating materials can include many common substances, such as salt and fuel oil, which while not inherently hazardous, can harm plants, livestock or drinking water sources.  We can assist in the analysis of exposure and can provide pollution cover specifically tailored to your needs. 

Environmental Liability coverage defines pollution much more broadly than other liability policies. In addition to bodily injury and property damage losses, the Environmental Liability also includes off-site clean-up costs and defence expenses. It can also include protection against liabilities imposed by Federal and State legislation, and can include coverage for shareholders, officers, employees, directors and other members of elected boards.

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