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Covers content related media exposures such as defamation, humiliation, copyright infringement, and even invasion of privacy.  Can be tailored with additional covers.

Multimedia Liability Policy aims to protect organisations from civil liability claims arising from the provision of Multimedia Services. Such civil liability claims can include (but not limited to) breaches of duty, defamation, breach of copyright, false attribution of authorship (and other infringements of intellectual property) and invasion of privacy, even when they are committed by third parties, such as users on a platform or forum.

Litigation against organisations in the media, marketing and advertising industries can arise from the provision of any of the following types of Multimedia Services:

  • publishing, broadcasting, communication, distribution and/or dissemination of content;

  • researching, investigating, acquiring, preparing, compiling, producing and/or editing of content;

  • licensing, syndication, serialisation, distribution, sale or lease of content, by or with the written permission of a multimedia organisation.

These are specialised policies that are unique to each insurer and need to be tailored to each client.  A thorough understanding of your risk and mitigation strategies is imperative as claims in this space can take quite a while to deal with and are rarely done without significant publicity.

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